Building Bridges in Our Brains

Do your students ever get turned off by challenging work?

Just learning how we learn can help them feel less intimidated by even the most daunting assignments. Here’s a video you can share with your students, to give them a powerful metaphor for understanding their own minds:

Often, learning something new seems beyond the student’s reach. Their first attempts are the hardest. They make mistakes. But the more they work at it, the stronger they build that bridge — a neural pathway — in their brains, and the easier it gets. Eventually, they can recall and apply what they learned whenever they want; it’s as natural to them as remembering their own names.

EduGuide’s program to build student grit and other noncognitive skills includes several activities related to basic neuroscience and neuroplasticity. Students in EduGuide’s program tend to rank our activity related to this video highly, and we’ve seen this perspective make a difference in how they approach difficult tasks.

Try the video out with your students, and let us know how it goes in the comments below.

And if you’re interested in learning more about EduGuide’s activities, please schedule a meeting with our team for a personal walkthrough of our program:


One response to “Building Bridges in Our Brains

  1. This video gives a really good understanding of how challenging it can be for students to learn various tasks. It also shows how much easier learning can be as well.


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